“I would like to formally recommend Dr. Matt Barney’s LeaderAmp leadership coaching program for your organization to consider. As I reflect on my leadership growth from the point at which I began the LeaderAmp program to now, it occurs to me just how far I’ve come in developing my skills, knowledge and abilities as a leader in my organization. My experience with LeaderAmp has been extremely positive and has been a driving force behind my growth professionally as well as personally.”  

–Thomas Calvert, Battalion Chief – A Shift, UAS/Drone Program Manager, Menlo Park Fire Protection District


“I have been thoroughly impressed with the LeaderAmp program. I am very impressed with Dr. Barney’s intellect, as well as his instructional design. He is able to convey his research, worldly knowledge, and expertise into a concise package that delivers practical tools and applications to develop/increase the intangible skills of leadership. I am fortunate to have participated in such a fine and outstanding program!”

–Randy S. Marcove, Client Partner, BMGI, USA


“My initial reaction to LeaderAmp was “Wow! Can I be a part of this?” Having practiced “quantified self” through digital apps for fitness, LeaderAmp was welcoming for my leadership development. Self assessment, goal setting and 360-degree feedback from my relevant stakeholders are the highlights. Daily e-coaching tips which are so relevant for my chosen area of development push me to stretch, followed by reflection through journaling made this process two way and most importantly the weekly group coaching directly from the founders helped me to make the best of both science & technology of LeaderAmp. I strongly recommend this for every leader who is serious about their self development.”

–Swaroop Kumar, Manager, Schneider Electric


“The accreditation provided by Dr. Matt Barney was thorough and covered far more than I had anticipated. It was delivered in concise modules that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. Matt was also generous in providing access to the cutting-edge research that underpins LeaderAmp – it was almost like completing an intensive IO psychology program. The program was enjoyable and challenging in equal parts, and the format was flexible, which enabled me to apply my learning between sessions, and meant I could balance the needs of my clients. Matt’s passion for evidence-based practice and his enthusiasm for empirical work was inspiring. I can’t speak highly enough of this accreditation program.”

–Dr. Gabrielle Ostrognay, Managing Director GO People and Performance Pty Ltd.


“With a presentation style that is both deft and compelling, Dr. Matt Barney brings a scientist’s precision and an experienced practitioner’s deeply informed perspective to the vital leadership training role. The resultant impact stands to be truly impressive, especially in terms of participants’ ability to incorporate newly acquired information into their everyday business environments.”

–Dr. Robert Cialdini, President, Influence At Work (IAW); Arizona State University Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University and New York Times Bestselling Business Author


“Despite the crisis of confidence, the primary purpose of corporate leadership remains the same: maximize shareholder value legally and ethically while ensuring fairness to the stakeholders. Barney's multi-disciplinary approach draws from different business disciplines to develop an integrated model for value creation. It will serve as a guide to leaders in creating value on a sustainable basis.”

–N. R. Narayana Murthy, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Infosys


“Matt began by getting me to explain my goals and my intended approach. Once he understood these, he posed a series of questions that helped me to refine my strategy. The result has been strong, positive interactions with the company’s staff and a supportive board that has enabled us to explore innovative developments as a team. As a bonus to the immediately beneficial practical advice, I have appreciated Matt’s ability to describe the theoretical underpinnings of effective management. This capacity to move between specific instances and general guidance is, I believe, helping me to improve overall in my position.”

–Dr. Richard Gallagher, President and Editor-in-Chief, Annual Reviews


“Barney masterfully gave a condensed introduction to The Principles of Persuasion in half a day and participants were eagerly applying some of the insights to immediate business problems. Particularly the distinction between reward and gift proved to effect a perspectival shift.”

–Dr. Bertie du Plessis, Chief Learning Officer, Naspers