Tomorrow’s leaders expect employers to provide personalized coaching programs, today. LeaderAmp’s solutions leverage cutting-edge science and technology to help coaches amplify their efforts, enabling personalized coaching programs on a large scale.

Our assessments are 60-90% shorter than our competitors’ solutions, and more precise and accurate too.


Step Ahead

Identify future leaders as early as possible

  • Precise assessments accelerate advancement of talented employees

  • Advanced scientific methodology counteracts personal and institutional biases

  • Organization-wide deployment uncovers hidden talent ignored by traditional methodologies


Mobile Coaching on the Run

Extend the reach of your coaching

  • Scalable platform enables C-suite-style coaching for all

  • Highly customizable, AI-enhanced platform enables personalized leader development programs

  • Tailored coaching programs motivate top talent to stick with the organization


Coach Qualifier

Assess coach effectiveness based on past performance

  • Evaluations from past clients deliver insight into coaching history

  • Analysis of past performance helps organizations choose first-rate coaching talent to work with their employees

  • Developed in conjunction with the International Coach Federation


Nurture Notes

Amplify results through supporters

  • Mobile platform simplifies mentor, manager, and peer support functions

  • AI-powered software delivers tailored leader development support programs

  • Peer influence enhances effectiveness and adherence to coaching program

The #1 reason people quit is lack of a clear career path.
LeaderAmp helps you plug the talent drain.


“LeaderAmp was definitely worth the investment. I recommend LeaderAmp to anyone responsible for investing in coaching.”

-Gabby Ostrognay, Managing Director, G.O. People and Performance