Tomorrow’s leaders expect employers to provide personalized coaching programs, today. LeaderAmp’s solutions leverage cutting-edge science and technology to help coaches amplify their efforts, enabling personalized coaching programs on a large scale.

Our assessments are 60-90% shorter than our competitors’ solutions, and more precise and accurate too.


Step Ahead

Identify future leaders as early as possible

  • Precise assessments accelerate advancement of talented employees

  • Advanced scientific methodology counteracts personal and institutional biases

  • Organization-wide deployment uncovers hidden talent ignored by traditional methodologies


Mobile Coaching on the Run

Extend the reach of your coaching

  • Scalable platform enables C-suite-style coaching for all

  • Highly customizable, AI-enhanced platform enables personalized leader development programs

  • Tailored coaching programs motivate top talent to stick with the organization


Coach Qualifier

Assess coach effectiveness based on past performance

  • Evaluations from past clients deliver insight into coaching history

  • Analysis of past performance helps organizations choose first-rate coaching talent to work with their employees

  • Developed in conjunction with the International Coach Federation


Nurture Notes

Amplify results through supporters

  • Mobile platform simplifies mentor, manager, and peer support functions

  • AI-powered software delivers tailored leader development support programs

  • Peer influence enhances effectiveness and adherence to coaching program

The #1 reason people quit is lack of a clear career path.
LeaderAmp helps you plug the talent drain.


“LeaderAmp was definitely worth the investment. I recommend LeaderAmp to anyone responsible for investing in coaching.”

-Gabby Ostrognay, Managing Director, G.O. People and Performance

Coach Evaluation

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Are my coaches impactful enough?

Corporations around the world spend hundreds of millions of dollars on coaching, and leaders usually find it enjoyable. But the great coaching mystery is whether the coaching investments result in fundamental, permanent improvements.

To solve that mystery, we’ve partnered with experts from International Coach Federation (ICF) to create our new Coaching Outcome Measure (COM). The COM is a short but highly reliable and valid measure of a client’s view on what impact a coaching engagement had on his or her goals. The results range from an insufficient gain all the way to life / livelihood transformational gains.


can I trust the assessment?

Psychologists from the ICF and LeaderAmp completed two global studies to make sure the COM is sufficiently accurate, precise, and unbiased. Unlike in other studies, we controlled for the severity and leniency bias of the raters and as a result achieved very high reliability of 0.99 (out of 1.0), such that we can detect multiple, meaningful levels of coaching results:

The framework that the International Coach Federation (ICF) and LeaderAmp experts used to co-author the Coaching Outcome Measure

The framework that the International Coach Federation (ICF) and LeaderAmp experts used to co-author the Coaching Outcome Measure


how does it work?

The Coaching Outcome Measure (COM) starts with the coach or organization providing LeaderAmp with a list of coaches and a list of clients each coach has worked with. We then send a multi-source, computer-adaptive survey to each client. In less than 4 minutes, the former clients complete a short rater calibration and answer questions about the impact the coaching has had on them ever since the engagement ended.

Here are some example items that clients may respond to by rating their level of agreement/disagreement:

Sample items from the COM

Sample items from the COM

Former clients typically respond to the survey in 3 weeks, after which LeaderAmp sends you an electronic report that shows the degree to which the coaches are above a minimally acceptable standard, and highlights any opportunities for coach improvement.

Sample graphical summary across coaches. Red line denotes the minimum standard

Sample graphical summary across coaches. Red line denotes the minimum standard


using the results to improve

The COM was developed for several audiences. First are organizations that want to make sure the coaches they’re contracting with are effective —especially the executive coaches who command the highest fees. Second, we also designed the COM to support coaching firms who want to select new coaches and manage the performance of their existing pool of talent. Finally, conscientious individual coaches who want to continuously improve will find the COM useful to evaluate whether they are improving their effectiveness over time.

LeaderAmp offers a variety of professional services to Coaching Firms and multinationals with in-house coaching teams to improve coach performance, whose impact is also measured by improvements in subsequent re-measurement using the COM.


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