🏆 Guaranteed Sales Coaching 🏆

  • Improve your sales team's pitch: affordable expert and AI-powered persuasion coaching, scheduled at your convenience
  • Enterprise Sales Risk Management:  Sales Managers can use tips to improve their Sales Execs' performance.  Executives get a dashboard for unprecedented visibility into the risks of selling across products, services and/or geographies.
  • Guarantee: When you follow our complete process, we guarantee measurable improvements in your sales people's persuasion skills, or your money back.
Sales Team Achievement






Beat Your Quota

Sales teams are missing key ingredients to achieve targets consistently, every quarter.  

LeaderAmp is the world's first sales coaching solution designed to make sure your teams are proactively using the right skills to sell.   

Using the world's expert and New York Times bestseller Dr. Robert Cialdini's Principles of Persuasion, LeaderAmp uses both certified coaches, and award-winning AI to make sure salespeople build the skills required to achieve their targets.  Our approach includes specific tactics for sales managers, and transparency for senior executives on proactively mitigating the risk of hitting sales targets. 

Successful Salesperson

1. Tech-Powered Coaching

LeaderAmp's science and technology can improve every sales person's performance, but only if they consistently apply them to their real leads and prospects.

To make our money-back guarantee risk-free, we offer a Time Trial - where salespeople have to compete for a chance to be coached by showing how they apply persuasion AI to their real sales, and convince people around them to help them improve their pitch.  Only those who practice like an athlete win access to expert coaching that complements our AI.

LeaderAmp's coaching leverages certified coaches, and gives powerful, expert Artificially Intelligent coaching to help sales people practice on the exact days and times they prefer.

Salespeople need to remember to practice the principles of persuasion can schedule AI nudges to remember to practice selling using Cialdini's winning techniques. eCoaching are:

  • Written by LeaderAmp's psychologists to be in each salesperson's "Goldilocks Zone" - neither too hard, nor too easy - just right for their current level.
  • Salespeople practice and then use LeaderAmp to journal about the lessons they've learned from practicing, allowing mobile transparency to their progress.
Sales Risk Management

2. Sales Risk Management

Historically, Sales Managers had no way to identify the exact coaching they needed to do with each salesperson to best them achieve their sales quotas by leveraging the latest science and technology.  

LeaderAmp's dashboard lets Sales Managers coach better by:

  • Tracking which salespeople are neglecting to leverage Cialdini's Principles of Persuasion systematically before and after sales meetings, to proactively mitigate risk.  
  • Gain visibility into where sales people are consistently makes mistakes, so the manager can coach the sales person on improving his or her performance.  
  • Send mobile push notifications based on the sales person's journaling and questions.  
  • Highlight the most successful salespeople's skills to role model and create a culture of performance and teamwork.

Managers also can get their own form of tailored AI we call "Nurture Notes" on specific actions that manager can to do support a specific salesperson's development of persuasive skills, to provide a supportive environment and improve the odds of hitting sales targets.

Enterprise Sales Risk Management

3. Enterprise Sales Portfolio Management

With multi-product and service sales teams distributed globally, proactively mitigating sales risk has historically been complex and ambiguous.  

LeaderAmp makes it easy with a unique enterprise-wide dashboard of all your sales teams across your entire portfolio of products and services.

Enterprise Risk Dashboard

LeaderAmp gives the senior-most sales leaders

  • Unprecedented visibility into the risks of selling across all products and services, making it easy to know what specific levers will drive salespeople to the next level.
  • Identify the Sales Managers who are the best coaches, and those who need to improve their coaching skill
  • Celebrate those salespeople who are practicing persuasion skills that will likely result in meeting or exceed their sales quotas.  Further, our dashboard pinpoints the individual sales managers and salespeople who need extra help early in the quarter before it is too late.

As a result, there are fewer surprises about what territories, products and services are at risk, and allows the sales executive to make sure that sales VPs and Managers are proactively mitigating risk with the best possible practices.