Exclusive International Coach Federation Discounts

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Discounts for ICF Coaches

LeaderAmp is pleased to offer ICF-certified coaches

  • 20 % discount off of LeaderAmp Certification that teaches coaches how to use our assessments and award-winning Artificial Intelligence

  • 50% discount on first client client license, and 10% thereafter

What do coaches say about the value of becoming LeaderAmp certified?

Dr. Gabby Ostrognay of Go People & Performance

Dr. Gabby Ostrognay of Go People & Performance

As a coach I have found LeaderAmp to be invaluable in managing my coaching relationships and supporting coachees in developing their capability in the area/s they have elected to work on. LeaderAmp enables me see where each client is at, what they are working on, their coaching intentions, how many times they have engaged in reflection, and the content and quality of their reflections. The system supports me to send messages of encouragement and nudges about what the coachee may wish to try. The dashboard enables me to quickly identify which coachees are on track, those who are a bit behind their intended practice schedule and those coachees who are at risk if they have not engaged in reflection for some time by colour coding coachees accordingly. I find the suggestions made by the system are pitched at the right level for the people with whom I work. They are ‘bite sized’ activities that are achievable in the period between coaching sessions. The system doesn’t replace the coaching relationship, it augments my work with each person.

Rosanna Riffle, Founder, RoBuck, Inc.

Rosanna Riffle, Founder, RoBuck, Inc.

Learning of LeaderAmp through a colleague, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Matt Barney to hear more. I was intrigued in the theory and research behind his work, and decided to move forward with the Certification process.

Dr. Barney and his team stayed highly engaged with me throughout the certification process. The coach training leveraged e-books Matt and his colleague Subu Goparaju, Co-Founder of LeaderAmp, authored, as well as multiple videos focused on the theory and science of leader development that underpins their work. I learned how to best leverage the LeaderAmp portal to further reinforce the retention of learning and behavior change in my coaching practice.

The certification process also included face-to-face virtual sessions with Dr. Barney to respond to my questions, and reinforce the learning from the videos and books, as well as hands-on practice inside the coaching portal. During those virtual sessions, Dr. Barney openly shared his deep knowledge and experience in Leadership Development, and thus, greatly expanded my knowledge and understanding, as well as application within my practice.

LeaderAmp Certification

A LeaderAmp certification empowers coaches to support clients in-between coaching sessions in several ways.

First, we help coaches support their client’s goal setting with 18 of the most advanced, computer-adaptive assessments of their client’s leadership. Because these are anchored in the latest science, they’re among the most trustworthy and practical for you to help clients develop. This science goes beyond other assessments you’re familiar with. Dr. Barney was a student of the founders of Hogan Assessments, and LeaderAmp’s science stands on these broad shoulders.

Second, we help coaches support clients in-between their coaching sessions. Our platform offers clients the chance to get regularly scheduled, artificially intelligent eCoaching suggestions and mobile reminders to journal about what they’ve learned from practice. Coaches can observe clients journal entries, message clients, and draw upon all of it to customize their coaching.

Third, our EmotionMetric artificial intelligence helps coaches glance at each client’s journal entry and get a quick assessment of the positive and negative emotions the client is experiencing as they’re practicing. This, too, can suggest ways to customize and deepen coaching engagements.

If you’d like to either become certified, or just want more information, please submit the form below.

Process for Certification

LeaderAmp uses a “Flipped Classroom” approach to certification. We give you exclusive access to videos, job aides and eBooks that you have unlimited access to review and study. Then we have two sessions with you to answer your questions, and give you a chance to practice both as a client and as a coach.

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