Coaching for success

Coaching is one of the best ways to develop people's potential and performance.  But traditional coaching models, however, seldom live up to the hype. They don’t scale effectively, they lack scientific rigor, and they lean toward an ad hoc approach that too often comes up short. Today’s employees expect—and deserve—better.

LeaderAmp is here to change that.

Our solutions harness cutting-edge research from organizational psychology to help companies identify employees with leader potential and coach them to success. Our flexible, cloud-based mobile platform offers 24-7 accessibility and leverages insights from artificial intelligence (AI) research to enhance leader development. And our highly-scalable platform ensures that potential leaders at every level of your organization have their chance to shine.

An investment in leadership is an investment in your future. Get more from your leader development, with LeaderAmp.

LeaderAmp Timeline

Our cloud-based mobile platform represents a revolution in leader coaching, offering:

  • Advanced scientific and technological insights: Our executive team applies our deep expertise in organizational psychology, HR, coaching, mobile application development, and AI research to the task of optimizing leadership development.

  • Extensive customization: Easily tailor your leadership development approach to match your employees’ and your organization’s objectives.

  • Organization-wide scalability: Our platform allows you to quickly and economically implement personalized leader coaching at all levels to uncover hidden talent, wherever it may be.

Step Ahead

Facilitate the identification of future leaders throughout your organization.

Mobile Coaching on the Run

Deliver leadership development content anywhere, anytime with our cloud-based mobile app.

Coach Qualifier

Coaches need assessment too. This tool predicts the future performance of coaches based on their past performance.

Nurture Notes

AI-tailored notes for mentors, managers, peers, and others who support each others’ professional development.