Coaching is one of the most effective ways to develop leaders, and is a key component in helping your organization reach its corporate goals. Whatever your desired business outcome—diversity, uncovering talent, or pure performance improvement—coaching can have a direct and measurable impact, including an average 28% increase in leader behaviors on the job and a 20% boost in job performance.

The classroom may be king in terms of spending, but it far from leads when it comes to impact. Though classes are chosen 22% more often than any other modality, coaching and mentoring are seen as more effective by business leaders.


LeaderAmp: Coaching for the whole organization, effective and economical


24-7/365 accessibility

Aside from costs, the biggest investment—and a major perceived barrier to entry—for wide-scale leader coaching is time away from the job. LeaderAmp’s cloud-based web and mobile platform makes digital coaching sessions available at mentor’s and mentee’s convenience alike.


Organization-wide scalability

Business leaders agree: coaching and mentoring are the most effective ways to identify and develop leaders. However, most coaching solutions don’t scale or can’t be sustained, contributing to a chronic talent gap between senior roles and growing successors. LeaderAmp’s web and mobile platform combines the personalization of coaching with the scalability and flexibility of digital training courses to create an unprecedented new approach to leader development.


Scientific methodology & cutting-edge technology

Dissatisfied by coaching models that don’t respect the relevant science, LeaderAmp’s approach brings process to leader coaching. Our solutions draw from the latest in organizational psychology, process improvement, business management, and testing/assessment research. And to bring those solutions to life, we leverage modern UI/UX design paradigms, robust data science, and powerful AI algorithms, placing our coaching solutions at the cutting-edge of modern leader coaching.


Designed, built, and endorsed by industry experts

In a sea of overblown, irresponsible, or downright misleading claims, LeaderAmp’s effectiveness has been tested and validated by industry experts . It all comes down to our leaders’ knowledge and experience: Founded by veterans of HR and technology industries, LeaderAmp knows the pain points of traditional coaching models — and the business benefits that result from addressing them. Together, LeaderAmp’s executive team has deep expertise in organizational psychology, HR, coaching, mobile apps, and AI research.



“Having practiced 'quantified self' through digital apps for fitness, LeaderAmp was welcoming for my leadership development. Self assessment, goal setting and 360 degree feedback from my relevant stakeholders are the highlights…. I strongly recommend this for every leader who is serious about their self development.”

-Swaroop Kumar, Manager, Schneider Electric