Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does it mean to practice my leadership skills?

LeaderAmp's software includes "Clone Coaching" that is tailored to your goal and proficiency level.  On the days you choose to practice, a mobile push notification will be sent to your phone with suggestions.  These suggestions may be for you to reflect on yourself or your behavior throughout the day.  Or, they could include some new behaviors you should do your best to apply to real situations you may encounter.  They could also include suggestions on how you can leverage support from your stakeholders.  In each case, these Clone Coaching suggestions will take you a moment to read in the mornings.  Throughout your day, you should try to apply the Clone Coaching to your real work.  And at the end of your day, LeaderAmp will remind you to journal about your reflections on how that practice went.  What did you do well?  What mistakes can you avoid next time?  This process of attempting to apply coaching, and journaling is what we mean by practicing your leadership skills and behaviors.

How often should I practice?

The most you possibly can - the more you practice, the better your chances of development.  LeaderAmp requires you to practice at least once per week.

What is the role of a stakeholder?

Stakeholders support the development of a person by giving suggestions for new behaviors, and feedback about past behaviors. Stakeholders who also have access to new experiences, such as the opportunity to give a speech, can also support development by removing barriers to leaders deliberately practicing.

Are stakeholder responses anonymous?

Yes, no one will ever see their specific raw responses, attributable to them.  Leaders and Sponsors will only see the measurements that are aggregated across stakeholders.  By having multiple stakeholders provide ratings, and using sophisticated bias adjustment corrections, stakeholders should feel free to be transparent without worrying whether or not that leader will see his/her specific response. 

How many stakeholders are too many?

As long as each stakeholder has an opportunity to observe and help the leader, they are appropriate to include, and there is not a number that is too many.  It's unlikely, however that someone has more than 30 people who observe them on a regular basis.  Menlo Park's best leaders grew fastest with 15+ stakeholders helping them, in addition to their own deliberate practice and coaching with a LeaderAmp expert.  So while the minimum is 5, I have currently set the maximum to 30, given that's twice what was ideal previously for Fire/Safety leaders.

How can I learn more about leadership?

Our app has advanced AI to interpret your assessments, and suggest specific actions you can take to grow, given your current proficiency level. You can also read the free eBooks and white papers in the free section of this website.

Should Time Trial Participants know how many others are competing with them for coaching?

Yes, we recommend being transparent.  Every organization has limited resources, and so only those leaders who prioritize their self-development, and demonstrate that they're able to practice like an Olympian are those who win access.  Knowing that there are a scarce number of seats, and that they have a limited time to demonstrate their seriousness will help them take full advantage of LeaderAmp's feedback, Clone Coaching, and journaling even if they don't earn access to a coach.

As a Time Trial participant, how do I ask LeaderAmp questions?

Inside the app there are two sections for this.  First, for technical support, use the drop-down menu, and select the option that says "SUPPORT".  Second, for other non-software related questions, Time Trial participants can click on the tab to the right of their Timeline that is labled "Chat".