Baldrige Award Winning CEO's Clone Coaching Now on LeaderAmp

Sr. Mary Jean Ryan's AI Coaching

Sr. Mary Jean Ryan's AI Coaching

The very first healthcare organization to win the U.S. Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award was SSM Healthcare, whose CEO at the time was Sister Mary Jean Ryan.    Ryan led the diverse healthcare organization to the win by inspiring every stakeholder in healthcare to rally around the patient. 

We are pleased to announce that we've just released Sr. Mary Jean's "Clone Coaching" for leaders who wish to learn from her approach to inspiring others in healthcare.  LeaderAmp's technology calibrates expert and famous leaders coaching, so that leaders who wish to grow can get daily suggestions for how and what they should practice that would be appropriately challenging - neither too hard nor too easy.

Designed to complement the work of a coach, it allows individuals to learn from famous experts by getting suggestions for how they should deliberately learn as part of their daily tasks, and journaling about the lessons they learn each evening.  These journal entries serve as a window for each coach to support clients in-between sessions.

Sr. Mary Jean had the following to say about why she has collaborated with LeaderAmp to provide her "Clone Coaching" to leaders around the world:


"For anyone who is committed to advancing in his/her chosen career, research has shown that working with a coach/mentor greatly increases the the likelihood for success.  Although coaching with an established professional is the ideal, the expert may have limited time to devote to this endeavor.  So what to do?  An innovative approach to this question utilizes technology (the smartphone), and the science of Dr. Matt Barney.  This program provides "clone coaching", an effective complement to personal coaching.  

LeaderAmp also provides the ability for charting improvements, both personally and professionally, which is an essential aspect of the individual's development plan. LeaderAmp is designed to achieve one thing: for an individual to become an even more successful, fulfilled Leader"