UST Global's Diversity Advantage

On Monday, April 9th, LeaderAmp's founder, Dr. Matt Barney, is pleased to be facilitating a workshop with the JPS to leverage diversity in ways that will improve the odds of achieving Vision 2020 goals.   The prework has two steps:

Step 1: Complete the survey below no later than April 2nd, so that we can incorporate into the workshop

Step 2. Once you submit the survey, you will gain access to an article. Please come to the JPS session having read the article, and being ready to take action on better leveraging diversity to achieve Vision 2020 goals.


Survey Begins here:

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Type at least one paragraph about what job families, or talent management processes are most crucial to realizing UST Global's objectives.
In your view, what are the ways that improving UST Global's approach to diversity and inclusion can catalyze UST Global's strategy.
One task, behavior, project, or initiative that you personally have led that already is promoting diversity at UST Global
How could the brand, customers, and/or team be hurt (ramifications)?