LeaderAmp is an enterprise-ready mobile application.  We can improve development through our scientifically-based, on-demand and mobile coaching methods anchored in the latest psychometrics.

While everything about our approach is customizable, our pre-existing content includes the latest science of leader potential and performance:



We have the latest assessments and "Clone Coaching" to assess and develop people's potential to take on new tasks and assignments. We include 10 of the latest areas of personality and skill that predict the likelihood of individuals developing their performance. This incldues seminal work from eminent scientists such as Stanford's Carol Dweck, ASU's Robert Cialdini, UC-Berkeley's William Fisher, and Claremont-McKenna's David Day.


The actions a leader takes - to understand the dynamic environment, formulate a strategy, inspire his or her team, and execute are also central to leadership. Our technology incldues the latest techniques to develop these with science from Wharton's Robert House, Lausanne's John Antonakis, and Rice's Eduardo Salas.