Coach Outcome Calibration Study

The International Coach Federation (ICF) and LeaderAmp are collaborating on a new study designed to calibrate a new instrument that assesses the outcomes clients experience from coaching.   The focus of this research is not on you or your clients, but rather the measurement properties of the questions we are piloting.  Because the instrument is experimental, we will not be providing feedback to you or your clients, so everything about the study will remain strictly confidential.  

Your Contribution

To participate, you'll be invited to use the LeaderAmp mobile software to nominate your clients directly from your iPhone or Android's contact list, and persuade them to rate the outcomes they achieved as a result of their coaching with you.  We need you to nominate at least three current or former clients.  If you nominate current clients, it is important that they've had enough coaching sessions that they're likely to have made some progress toward their goals.  

Once you nominate at least three clients, our system will send each one an email for them to rate the outcomes they achieved as a result of your coaching.   Most clients will need about 20 minutes to complete the survey.  We need your assistance to influence them to complete their ratings by October 1st.  You can remind them by phone, email and/or easily through the LeaderAmp app - whatever is most comfortable for you.

Benefits of Participation

Coaches who participate will

1. Get a free 90 day use of the LeaderAmp cloud/mobile coaching system for one client.

2. Receive a certificate of appreciation from ICF and LeaderAmp, upon request

3. Contribute to the scientific advancement of the coaching profession

Data Privacy

There is no obligation to participate in our study, and all email addresses of the coaches who opt into participation, and those of your clients will be deleted at the end of the study.  The researchers, Joel DiGirolamo (ICF), and Dr. Matt Barney (LeaderAmp) will not be sharing any of your personal information with anyone else in the process of completing this research.


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