Money Back Guarantee


New paradigm in coaching

If you use our full coaching solution and fail to see measurable improvement in 90 days, we will give you your money back, or if you prefer, give you a free replacement license.

How can we make such a guarantee?  First, our Time Trial identifies those women and men who are likely to practice their leadership like an Olympian.  Second, we use expert coaches, and the latest artificially intelligent coaching to help those leaders deliberately practice in their real work, at their convenience.  Our content is anchored in the latest science, dramatically improving the odds that every client who wins entry into a coaching engagement will improve.

The ultimate measure of whether or not we are keeping our promise of impact is whether the stakeholders around your leader view his or her behaviors as significantly better.  Our computer-adaptive assessments are the only in the industry that adjust for rater/judge bias, so that comparisons across quarters are fair, accurate and unbiased.  They are anchored in the same science and technology as the processes used to credential physicians.

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