LeaderAmp is an enterprise-ready mobile application.  Our first product is designed to increase the effectiveness of leader development through its scientifically-based, on-demand and mobile coaching methods anchored in the latest psychometrics.

Scientific research demonstrates that a leader’s potential can be further developed through coaching in seven unique areas.



The latest science shows that reputation—assessed through a 360-degree review of openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and adjustment-- is the best way to measure personality


An individual’s self-perception as a leader is a key that can be developed in order to better lead in the face of adversity


The passionate pursuit of long-term goals is central to future success; new research illustrates how grit out-predicts many other factors in explaining success


Dr. Robert Cialdini has distilled 70+ years of science into six universal principles of persuasion, which have been incorporated into the LeaderAmp application.

Development Confidence

To grow quickly, you need to internalize the fact that if you work hard enough, you can grow most anything you choose.

Growth Mindset

Based on research from Stanford's Carol Dweck and others, we can improve your learning goal orientation.



It takes a balanced, positive orientation to envision the future and make it reality.


Available for iOS and Android devices, the patent-pending LeaderAmp interface guides users through a short, evidence-based assessment and set-up process to create a customized leader coaching program that addresses their unique leader development opportunities.


Step 1:

Participants complete a self and 360-degree assessment to determine a baseline and set goals

Step 2:

The science can be customized, and artificially intelligent coaching can come from your CEO or senior team.

Step 3:

Participants set their development schedule to tailor the app’s coaching program to their busy lifestyle

Step 4:

Users can contact their coach, and use AI coaching via the mobile app on they days and times they prefer