"What you have is cutting edge and the future of coaching
-Dr. Niloofar Ghods
Global Executive Assessment Manager
Cisco Systems

Affordable & effective Leader Coaching

LeaderAmp is an affordable, effective approach to coaching .  We use a combination of high touch, and high technology innovations to make coaching more embedded into participants daily lives, and more impactful.

Anchored in the science of Organizational Psychology, we have several firsts for the coaching industry:

  • Video and mobile coaching by an expert in Organizational Psychology
  • Mobile computer-adaptive self and 360 assessments that are short and precise
  • "Clone Coaching" authored by an expert to help clients practice in-between regular or video coaching sessions with custom-scheduled push notifications.
  • Transparent visibility to client's journals, for coaches to support
  • Real-time mobile chat with coaches

We also help coaches take their practice to the next level in terms of outcomes clients experience, and by creating new models to support junior leader development.  By becoming certified in our 17 areas of leader potential and performance, coaches can reach new levels of improvement with clients, and offer packages with more asynchronous mobile coaching, with better business models for both clients and coaches.



Using the LeaderAmp app, deliberate practice moves from an afterthought to an integrated part of work and career achievement.



The artificially intelligent application available for both iOS and Android brings the human and AI coaching everywhere


Customizable application designed to work with any company’s coaching or training program

360 Assessment

Our unique, computer-adaptive self and 360 assessments hold each leader accountable to persuade stakeholders to give support, via the mobile app.

Mobile-to-voice journaling

From any location, easily record and share notes with a human coach regarding the day’s accomplishments. Ask your coach questions in-between sessions.


Leader Potential and Performance

We can customize any aspect of our content or features, and recommend using our new science to measure and develop:


  • Big 5 Model of Personality
  • Grit
  • Optimism
  • Development Confidence
  • Identity
  • Proactivity
  • Growth Mindset


  • Environmental Scanning
  • Charisma
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Teamwork
  • Persuasion
  • Time Management